My CV of Failures

Be kind to yourself.
Try again.

In my childhood soccer team, our coach told us that it would take roughly 10 shots on goal to successfully score – so just keep trying. In my teens, while watching a reality TV show about modelling, I learned that the single image that ends up in the magazine is the result of about 300 photos (not to mention all the hair and make up and design team behind the scenes).

Unlike the well established Professor who penned this CV, my career is just starting. Still, my CV of Failures would show the very average GPA of my undergrad degree, the unsuccessful application to ABC3 to be a kid’s science TV show presenter (shelved that dream for years), the 5 months of unanswered job applications after graduating with First Class Honours (really got me down!), the failed first attempt at applying for an APA scholarship, the unsuccessful application for a non-governmental scholarship, the first PhD project I left for a whole host of reasons, the three month interuption to my studies I then took to wander aimlessly through life questioning every decision I’d made as an adult, the Genetic Counselling masters program I didn’t get into, the Grad Dip Ed I flirted with, the many drafts and articles I’ve had torn apart by editors, reviewers, and supervisors now that I’m back on the PhD track.

My point is, “success”* so often results from “failure”, trying out lots of possible options, and making incremental improvements with each repeated effort. Why do we call it failure, when it is such a normal and often necessary part of life? I would not be the person I am today without those experiences.

There is no such thing as perfect, only persistence and perseverance. #growthmindset #resilience #patience #justkeepswimming

*the definition of success is different for everyone, but that’s a whole other post for another time. I have bombed in creative pursuits, auditions, athletic meets, baking mishaps and craft fails, too… I’ve failed as a friend, aunt, sister, partner, and daughter – they just don’t usually get a section on a CV so I didn’t mention them earlier… Still, I’ve learned every time. That’s all I can ask of myself.